Dr. Dolhay Balázs

1. Lactose + pH

Colpo-Cleaner Laktóz

Colpo-CleanerFor Vaginal Hygiene Lactose

Lactose – or milk sugar – strengthens women's bodies' own "security guard", namely the lactobacillus, but it does not feed the most common pathogenic germs. Citric acid and bicarbonate of soda create immediately such a chemical effect (change in pH-value) that pathogenic germs cannot proliferate. This makes Colpo-Cleaner Lactose a praebioticStrengthen bodies naturally "protecting" Lactobacillus but they do not feed the most frequently appearing common pathogenic germs and fungi. .
It is constantly used many women average 2 times a week in the producer's country since 1993.

Colpo-Cleaner Douche Device (Irrigator),

Vaginal douche device. It is easy to handle and clean. It can be used with our other products.

Colpo-Cleaner Multi

The Douche Device (Irrigator) and the active ingredient tablet packaged together – with the coloured package inserts.