Dr. Dolhay Balázs

2. Donkey Mare Milk Femifit Lacto

Femifit Lacto Femifit Lacto. Those bacteria that protect the newborn breastfed baby's intestine are kept alive by the mother's breast milk. The "guarding" bacteria of the healthy vagina are same! Instead of the breast milk we have to dispense donkey mare milk, because it has a very similar consistence and is very different from bovine milk!

And the Best Douche Device:
Femifit Douche Device (Irrigator)

The outlet valve at the end of the irrigation tube allows only outbound flow of the active agent substances inside the bottle. The green valve allows air in the bottle to replace the removed fluid. Advantage: The bottle does not need to be compressed powerfully – - a slight pressure is sufficient; the active agents arrive completely at the vagina and an outside disinfection is also sufficient! These two small valves bring such an enormous benefit. Femifit Intim Zuhany
Femifit Multi

Femifit Multi

The Douche Device (Irrigator) and the active ingredient tablet packaged together – with the coloured package leaflets.