Dr. Dolhay Balázs

The Best and Most Compliant Disinfactant of the World.
Colpo-Cleaner Iodine

Colpo-Cleaner Iodine Colpo-Cleaner Iodine. Disinfectant, to prepare a vaginal douche solution. Without burning sensation. It cleans and removes the debris from the infected vagina. It washes out sanies, mucus and decomposed blood, so that their toxins cannot continue to demolish the still active and healthy cells of the vaginal wall. With its intensive active substances it destroys equally all pathogenic germs that hide in the rills of the vaginal wall. The solution cannot become too concentrated as it might happen when using a locally dissolving medicine. The solution does only stay in the body for the required period. This way only the smallest possible amount of iodine can absorb to the body. It acts deodorising. The treatment lasts for only 2 days. It is available without prescription (in Hungary). Possible stains are easy to rinse out. You can also use it with our other irrigator products. Who could know something better?