Dr. Dolhay Balázs

7. Pathogenic Germs

Worldwide there are approximately half a billion people who are perilous virus carriers. The majority of them have become infected with the microbes via heterosexual activities and does not even know about the infection. Symptoms are not (yet) noticeable. Nevertheless they can infect others. An absolutely healthy vagina, its acid mantle and the Döderlein bacillus are the best natural protection against "slow-going" viral and other infections.
Pathogenic Germs
We live together with the carriers of the following viruses: Hepatitis B, C-;Hepatitis B und C: Virus – partly even waiting for decades "in lurking" positions in the Hepatocytes – just that the organism becomes weakened because of some influences (such as alkoholism, smoking, diabetes, contamination with fertilisers, contaminations during pregnancy (toxemy), inhaled or consumed toxins, side effects of pharmaceuticals, deficit of vitamins, micronutriens, essential proteins, fatty liver) just in order to infiltrate and damage the organism with serious consequences. (300 million infected people; Human Papilloma VirusHuman Papilloma Virus: Pathogenic germs that nest into the multilayer epithel of the sexual organs, oral and faucal area and gullet. (250 millions); HIV (45 millions). On the list of cases of death caused by infections they are on the 3rd place (1st tuberculosis, 2nd malaria), on the list of cases of death caused by cancer they take the 2nd place (1st lung cancer).
Wounds and clefts at the cervix, bursts of the cervix uteri, not well-closing perineum, decreased uterus and also pregnancy. Deposit substances: menstruation blood, rests of vaginal uvulas and -tablets. After the elimination of the vaginal infections causing pathogenic germs with medications the vaginal acid mantle is destroyed – all that will decimate the power of resistance.
Over the years the body's natural power of resistance decreases because of the stepwise decline of oestrogen production.