Dr. Dolhay Balázs

8. Self-Protection of the Vagina

The self-protection of the vagina can be damaged by many inventions and habits of the last decades (see page 10).
In Central Europe only every fifth reproductive woman has a healthy self protection. When having cancer mass-screening examinations only this minority gets the diagnosis of "Papanicolaou 1" ("P.1"). The majority of 80 percent only gets "Papanicolaou 2" or worse.
The symptom of inflammation is vaginal discharge. Lots of women have to collect their discharge somehow, like by using tampons or panty liners as a daily routine. They do only treat the symptoms this way. Therefore the sales volume of these products is a multiple of the menstruation-caused necessity. To guard against this situation, professional expert knowledge and the use of products and devices with no side effects is necessary. These we place at Your disposal (see pages 2-5).