Dr. Dolhay Balázs

10. Damaging Influences

If as a consequence of the intake of birth control pills the epithelium becomes thinner and the amount of sugar decreases too much, which could be transformed into acid by the Döderlein bacilli;
If – whatever the reason has been – after the intake of antibiotics also the Lactobacillus is eliminated;
If (comparatively) alkaline liquids destroy the vaginal acid mantle (such as: alkaline matter caused by intrauterine device that effuse into the vagina, soap, shampoo, water from swimming pools, sexual expulsions of men, etc.);
If as a consequence of the intake of oral contraceptives the amount of sugar decreases in the vaginal wall.
Then we are affected.
RECAPITULATED: All damaging sediments as well as all kinds of influences that downgrade the acid condition of the vagina may lead to vaginal discharge or infection!