Dr. Dolhay Balázs

12. Late Sorrow

SOME CONSEQUENCES MIGHT APPEAR ONLY YEARS OR DECADES LATER – these are the most perfidious pathogenic germs!
The common pathogenic germs remove the defensive epithel of the vagina-wall.
Pathogenic Germs
Therefore the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can enter deeper and reach the lower, infectable cells. These viruses cause cervical-, vaginal-, vulva- and oral cavity carcinomas. On that way approximately 1.000 women (and men) bitterly die per day from these kinds of cancer! These common causative organisms (e.g. fungi, trichomonas etc.) destroy the vaginal epithel and therefore the lethal pathogenic germs can much easier reach the deeper parts of human body, the connective tissue. As an aftereffect of the infection also the veins expand, their wall thins down; with mechanical effects (like coitus) (micro)rips can arise and therefore the expanded pathogenic germs (as Syphilis, AIDS and Hepatitis) can be "pumped" much easier into the partners blood.