Dr. Dolhay Balázs

16. The Doctor Answers

(1). Question: I am always healthy, also from the gynaecological point of view. Now I have to take antibiotics because of an infection of my throat. Nevertheless I have a vaginal infection, vaginal discharge, burning, itching and it is red now. I could not have become contracted with a disease by a sexual intercourse as I am abstinent since 8 weeks. What is wrong with me, Doctor?
Answer:The vagina has a protecting wall of 15 layers. (In case of a castle wall this would conform to 20-30 meters thickness!). Outside the wall there is the "security force" of the Döderlein bacilli; protected by the acid mantle – just like in "bullet proof vests"! With their chemical compund ("war gas") they fire at the pathogenic germs. Dear Lady: With the intake of the antibiotics You have also destroyed the "Döderlein – Safety Guard". (You have disarmed Your own Army!). It does not have any more power of resistance! In this way those pathogenic germs that are waiting in a standby-position are able to accrete – and so the epithel of the vagina becomes destroyed!
Doctrine: In the future with the intaking of antibiotics You should synchronistically maintain the vagina's self protection system with the use of Colpo-Cleaner Lactose or SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets.
2). Once a year I have a vaginal infection. But then it lasts for months. And I have to consume the goods of a whole pharmacy until I am completely cured. Why is it so, Doctor?
Answer: After the medications healing of a vaginal infection also the own self protection system is destroyed. For this reason it's not the good Lactobacillus but the lurking infectious agents will attack which are insensitive to the applied medicaments. They accrete in the undefended, destroyed surrounding (a new attacking Army!). That is why relapses happen that often ("...out of the frying pan into the fire...") and a series of infections retard through months although we can be sure that the Doctor used the best available medicine to heal the basic first infection.
(3). Question: After every sexual intercourse with my husband an itching and burning sensation of my vagina begins and I have to visit You to get a medicament. My husband of course swears that he has no other lady-love. But I am sure he has! He even demonstrates this fact because before every physical contact he washes his penis foamy to remove the bacteria that he brought along from his "fancy-lady". Would You do me a favour and heal him too if I would bring him along with me?
Answer: Your husband should not use a regular soap or shampoo. If nothing better is available he should rather use simple clear water only - or take our Feminine Foam Wash! And You should use our Vaginal Douche Device after the sexual intercourse, for example with our Colpo-Cleaner Lactose or SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets! - After 2 weeks the phone rings again: Doctor, everything is okay; he indeed has no lady-love! Doctrine: All alkaline fluids - such as soap, shampoo, sexual expulsions of men, intrauterine device etc. - destroy the vaginal acid mantle. To recover it, it is practical to use Colpo-Cleaner Lactose or SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets.
(4). Question: Since I use oral contraceptives my vagina is much more sensitive during the sexual intercourse and I have more vaginal discharge also. Is there a possibility to avoid that, Doctor?
Answer: Because of the use of hormonal contraceptives the vaginal wall becomes thinner and less sugar can be deposited there. You won't be able to strenghten the wall - but You can add sugar (the lactose) and feed the Döderlein bacilli with it. With that activity the acid mantle becomes more consistent. You will feel much better! Doctrine: Use Colpo-Cleaner Lactose or SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets after sexual intercourse because the sexual expulses of men are alkaline and destroy the healthy bacterial flora!
(5). Question (from a University Graduate Lady): I have the same gynaecologist since many years and I do respect him very much. To make my regular cancer screening check-up nonetheless I came to see You. I think that something must be wrong with his steriliser. After all the last check-ups my vagina became infected, although – as an effect of the last checkups – he disinfected my vagina completely with Iodine. When visiting You I have the heart to ask You to use my own factory-disinfected, one-way speculum that I bring along with me.
Answer: I think that it wasn't the speculum that caused the infection. With using a lot of Iodine Your Doctor seems to have destroyed also the "guarding" Döderlein bacilli and therefore those pathogenic germs that just waited in stand-by position to attack could accrete! I think this might have been the problem! Advice: Ask Your doctor just to use a little of Iodine in the future. Tell him that otherwise You always feel a strong burning. The patient never called me again!
(6). Question: I am pregnant and have a strong and unpleasant discharge. May I use Your Vaginal Douche Device?
Answer: If Your Doctor asserts that Your mouth of uterus is closed, yes.
Advice: Please be careful, just use a body-warm solution and insert the treatment tube only 2-3 centimeters. It is to say that the pregnant uterus is more sensitive to cold water than to pain. If You are not absolutely sure, ask Your treating Doctor! I comment furthermore that after every vaginal surgery or Caesarian the same procedure is to be done!
(7). A history from Sports Academy:
In swimming pool water I had to take an exam. I refused to do that because after the visit of swimming baths I always had a vaginal infection. Also my ophthalmic conjunctiva became infected. But goggles could solve that problem. I failed the examination. On the recommendation of a girl-friend who is an Olympic Swimmer I started to use SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets. Afterwards I passed the examination very successfully! Thank You very much, Doctor! Yes! Yes You can also be fit and clean on this private part of Your body if You avoid the side- and after-effects of swimming, intake of antibiotics and contraceptives etc. with the use of our Vaginal Douche Device and - for example - our Colpo-Cleaner Lactose or SynbioGyn Effervescent Tablets.