Dr. Dolhay Balázs

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Motto: Historia valetudinis Kleopatrae feminas docetHistory of Cleopatra's Health Teaches the Ladies

In our region 4 of 5 procreative women have mildly infected sexual organs. When having cancer mass-screening examinations, these women only get the diagnosis Papanicolaou 2 instead of Papanicolaou 1 ("P.1")."Pap0" means that the mass-screening examination has to be repeated;
Pap 3 means that after the healing of the infection the examination has to be repeated!
Pap 4 and 5: Cancer cells were detected, but this is not yet the final diagnosis.
This makes them more prone to have vaginal infections, other dangerous or even fatal diseases. Firstly our aim is to return these women to the absolute healthy condition of "P.1".
Besides information dissemination, free telephone and email advice is also offered to women who use our products: PraebioticsStrengthen bodies naturally "protecting" Lactobacillus but they do not feed the most frequently appearing common pathogenic germs and fungi., ProbioticsProbiotics are vitally strong, "protecting" Lactobacilli., SynbioticsPrae- and Probiotics together. and a worldwide approved basic medications. Currently we are working on the development of auspicious, "intelligent" products with considerable medical university and financial assistance from the European Union.